San Francisco VA Medical Center Campus Asbestos SurveyGeolocation: 37.7811, -122.5053

During 2009, IHI conducted a campus-wide asbestos survey for the VAMC. This survey identified asbestos in 22 buildings that covered over 600,000 square feet of building space. During the investigation, IHI collected over 3,000 asbestos bulk samples for laboratory analysis. In order to organize and track the large amounts of information generated by the survey (i.e. material types, sample locations, and project notes), IHI survey teams utilized a state-of-the-art asbestos survey database. Project information was recorded on site by IHI field inspectors using a tablet or laptop computer. The survey data was later downloaded and converted into tables that were easily included in the project's final reports. The reports and database included the identification of asbestos-containing materials on a surface-by-surface basis for every room in the campus. The VAMC now uses this database for planning and conducting building renovations.

San Francisco, CA 94121


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Terracon's Oakland office offers a full range of environmental consulting services to safely manage chemical, physical, and biological hazards. Our industrial hygiene experts specialize in mold investigations and remediation monitoring; indoor air quality assessments; worker exposure monitoring for dust, noise, vapors, and metals; and a wide variety of other services. The office has one of the largest teams of industrial hygienists and certified asbestos and lead professionals in the San Francisco Bay…