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Perris Lake is the final reservoir of the California Aqueduct in Southern California. In 2005, DWR identified potential seismic safety risks in a section of the foundation of the 126 foot high earth fill dam and lowered the operation lake level 25 feet to ensure maximum public safety until dam repairs could be made. Remediation consists of Cement Deep-Soil Mixing (CDSM) and a new toe berm along a 1 mile section of the dam toe. Due to concerns construction activities associated with the remediation work would have on dam stability, DWR required an extensive real time monitoring system capable of automatically alerting key personnel if established thresholds of embankment movement and/or ground water elevation changes were exceeded. Neil O. Anderson & Assoc., a Terracon company installed a large number of In-Place inclinometers (IPI) and piezometers in existing casing with instruments connected to an Automated Data Acquisition System (ADAS). Data from the system automatically downloads to a web site which provides for easy access and viewing, especially if alarm events are triggered.

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In addition to our core service lines of environmental, geotechnical, and materials, the Concord office is the “center of excellence” for providing aquatic design and swimming pool engineering services for public and privately funded projects throughout the United States. RI joined Terracon in December of 2014. RI has been a proven leader in aquatic design and engineering for more than 40 years, and has designed more than 600 commercial swimming facilities for numerous publicly funded and private entities. The combination of experience from these key acquisitions has…