Owens Illinois Bottling FacilityGeolocation: 40.4775, -104.9014

Terracon provided geotechnical engineering as well as full-time construction materials technicians to perform various observation and testing services for the 500,000 square-foot industrial manufacturing complex. Services included caisson observation, field density compaction testing, and laboratory evaluation of soils for site grading, earthwork, trench backfill, and subgrade preparation. Construction materials testing also included concrete and asphalt testing for foundations, building slab, sidewalks, and pavements. Terracon was able to perform a quick evaluation of the slope and determine the appropriate response to prevent the slope from failing during construction

Windsor, CO


Associated Office

GreeleyGeolocation: 40.4184, -104.678
The Greeley office opened in 1983 when it was a part of Empire Laboratories, Inc., which was acquired by Terracon in 1992. The Greeley office was established to provide geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing services for Northeastern Colorado, including Greeley and its surrounding areas, in response to the growth and expansion which occurred in the mid 1980's. The Dallas location provides services such as soil and bedrock investigation, construction material engineering and seismic risk assessments on construction projects for buildings, roadways and more.