New Road ConstructionGeolocation: 29.5636, -95.286

County Road 101 at County Road 94 Terracon was responsible for providing construction materials engineering and testing services for the new construction of County Road 101 at County Road 94 in Pearland, Texas. Field testing services were provided on a "call-out" basis by Terracon staff. The services provided included earthwork testing which included sample fill, backfill and treated materials for density relationship. Gradation of lime treated subgrade, field density test during compaction, and random sampling of cement stabilized sand were also provided. Terracon provided observation of the installation of drilled footing foundations and performed compressive test of concrete cylinders cast in the field. Slump, air content, temperature, and concrete test cylinders were also provided for the concrete used for the road pavement.

Pearland, TX


Associated Office

League CityGeolocation: 29.491, -95.0858
Terracon's League City office opened in fall of 2000 with only three people. It has grown to more than 20 people in 10 years. The primary services provided out of this office are geotechnical consulting and construction materials engineering and testing services. We have a full service construction materials and geotechnical lab which are TxDOT certified. Services provided by Terracon to projects in and around League City include geotechnical subsurface exploration, design and review of concrete, and soil testing and remediation. Contact League City's Terracon office for help with your…