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With more than 20 years of managing deicing collection programs at MSP, Liesch, A Terracon Company (Liesch), has earned an excellent reputation for its knowledge of aircraft and pavement deicing issues. In particular, Liesch has developed a detailed understanding of the potential impacts deicing operations may have on stormwater discharges and the effectiveness of containment technologies to mitigate those impacts. Liesch has overseen the evolution of MSP de-icing collection program, which is a national leader in utilizing various collection options and evaluating the effectiveness of those options on overall program effectiveness. Through Liesch's active management of the collection and containment program, the organic load discharging to the surface waters has been reduced by approximately 85%. Beyond keeping unwanted organic loadings from the river, Liesch's management of the Glycol Recovery Program has resulted in very efficient segregation of high-strength spent ADF. This allows the economic reclamation of glycol, generating a useful product, and saving the MAC more than $5 million in industrial wastewater treatment charges during the last 15 years.  



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Liesch Associates, a Terracon Company (Liesch), joined Terracon in January 2013. Established in 1968 and based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Liesch provides a full range of environmental services including industrial hygiene, industrial water and wastewater, air quality, acquisition due diligence, environmental compliance, environmental engineering, solid waste, and brownfields services. Liesch has more than 50 employees in our Minneapolis and St. Paul offices. For additional information, please see