Kalispell Bypass – US Highway 93 AlternateGeolocation: 48.2005, -114.3151

NTL Engineering & Geoscience, A Terracon Company, performed the geotechnical investigation for the Kalispell Bypass. Our involvement began in 1995 with a preliminary soil survey and culminated in 2010 with construction of the southern half of the alignment. Along with providing pavement section design recommendations for the Bypass Mainline and 20 associated named roadways, geotechnical guidance was provided for noise walls, pedestrian tunnel, and 10 bridge structures for creek crossings and separated-grade intersections. Challenging subgrade conditions were present along much of the alignment and included very soft, compressible lakebed clays and areas of deep woodchip fill in the area of a former log pond. Recommendations were developed for deep ground improvement including stone columns and prefabricated vertical (PV) drains to accelerate settlement below bridge approaches and improve ground strength during the design seismic event.

Kalispell, MT


Associated Office

Great FallsGeolocation: 47.4908, -111.3376
The Great Falls office was formed in 1991 as NTL Engineering & Geoscience, Inc., an employee-owned Montana corporation practicing in the geotechnical, construction materials, and environmental engineering and testing fields. NTL joined Terracon in 2008 and officially changed its name to Terracon in 2013. The Great Falls engineering staff have a wide range of geotechnical experience on projects ranging from large industrial facilities to dams, bridges, highways, landslides, rockfalls, retaining structures, defense facilities, and seismic-related studies with geographic project involvement…