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Terracon provided turnkey services in preparation for and during the construction of a Hampton Inn and Suites hotel. A combination of geotechnical, environmental, and construction materials testing services were performed at various stages throughout the project. The site consisted of a 1.97 acre site located within the Gaines Street Corridor, a designated Brownfields area in downtown Tallahassee. The site was historically utilized as a storage and dry goods transfer/loading facility dating back as far as the early 1900’s and contained three rail spurs that traversed the property.   Geotechnical services were conducted on the site to evaluate the subsurface for structural characteristics required for the design of the future hotel and construction materials testing services were performed during hotel development.   Environmental services conducted on the site began with the preparation of a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment report (ESA). The ESA identified Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECS) associated with impacts to soil related to historic industrial activities. Next, a Contamination Assessment was conducted to assess the horizontal and vertical extents of contaminants of concern (COCs) in both the soil and groundwater. Based on the review of prior assessments conducted on the site, it was theorized arsenic concentrations in soil were not all together indicative of anthropogenic sources. As such, an emphasis was placed on assessment of arsenic in soil with the goal of proving arsenic concentrations to be indicative of natural background. A comprehensive conceptual site model was developed and a large scale assessment designed to adequately assess the site while gathering da ta to support the arsenic as natural background assertion. The assessment incorporated the use of offsite and select onsite background sample locations to calculate site specific background concentrations and integrated X-ray diffraction testing, grain size sieve analysis, and laboratory data modeling to definitively prove arsenic was naturally occurring. The assessment also documented various metals and low level petroleum constituents in the top two feet of site soils and no groundwater impacts. A combined document; Contamination Assessment Report and Remedial Action Plan was submitted to the FDEP and subsequently approved. Arsenic was considered naturally occurring below two feet and consequently the top two feet of the site was excavated and properly disposed of. A Site Rehabilitation Completion Order (SRCO) was achieved for the property.   Under the Voluntary Cleanup Tax Credits Program the client will recover up to fifty percent of cleanup costs up to $500,000 in the form of state corporate income tax. These tax credits have an estimated value of 85 Ȼ on the dollar. In addition, tax incentives of $2,500.00 per hotel employee were available.

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