Greenville Brownfield AssessmentsGeolocation: 33.1384, -96.1108

During the City's first grant funding period, which identified numerous sites in Downtown Greenville that required assessments, Terracon assisted the City in completing two winning Brownfield Assessment Grant Applications in 2001 and 2003. Based on the success of the first three Brownfield Grants that focused on Downtown Greenville, the City decided to apply for a City Wide Brownfield Grant in 2009. Terracon's assisted the City in completing a third winning Brownfileds Assessment Grant Application in 2009 and the City was awarded $200,000 Petroleum and $200,000 Hazardous Substances Assessment Grants in 2010. Terracon completed 34 Phase I ESAs, 19 Phase II/ Supplemental Phase II ESAs and four asbestos surveys for the City of Greenville. The Phase I and Phase II investigations assisted Terracon in obtaining five No Further Action letters and a Voluntary Cleanup Program Certificate of Completion from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality on six sites.

Greenville, TX


Associated Office

Fort WorthGeolocation: 32.7461, -97.2216
Terracon opened an office in Fort Worth in early 1995 as a branch of the Dallas office offering construction materials engineering and testing services. With the acquisition of HBC Engineering in late 1998, the two offices were merged. Environmental services were added in 2002, and geotechnical engineering services were added in August, 2008. Also in 2008, the Fort Worth office moved into its current 16,000 square foot facility, fully accommodating the nearly 30 employees that work there.