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Located in South Central Ohio, the Southern Ohio Veterans Memorial Highway – SR823 is the largest project to date for the State of Ohio. Costing $634 million, the four-lane, 16-mile bypass will take drivers around the City of Portsmouth, Ohio avoiding many stop lights and intersections.  Terracon has been on site since 2015 providing geotechnical instrumentation services to monitor the embankments and bridge abutments. Terracon’s role in the geotechnical instrumentation was installation, maintenance, and monitoring of the piezometers and settlement sensors located at eight areas along the project alignment. These areas included both roadway embankments up to 100+ feet in height and bridge abutments for six of the bridges on the project.  The areas monitored were underlain by very soft subgrade soils and the purpose of the instrumentation was to monitor pore water pressures and settlement due to fill placement. Seventy-eight sensors were installed across the project which were connected by a total of approximately 4 miles of cable to 45 dataloggers.  The Engineer of Record approved sensors included Geokon 4500S Vibrating Wire Piezometers, Model 4600 Borehole Settlement Sensors, and Model 4650 Settlement Sensors.  The sensors were installed in boreholes drilled in the subgrade soils to depths ranging from 10 feet up to 100 feet. Data was initially acquired from the sensors by manual download by our onsite technicians from vibrating wire dataloggers connected to sensors or groups of sensors.  However, as the scope of the instrumentation system grew, the data acquisition system was switched to use wireless dataloggers and cellular connections to access the data.  This allowed for quicker and safer retrieval of the data even during periods of bad weather when the site was inaccessible.  The wireless data acquisition system consisted of Geokon GeoNet nodes at the sensor locations which communicated via radio with a supervisor node located in each area of the project.  The supervisor node was then connected by a cellular data connection to our Cincinnati, Ohio office where the data was collected and prepared for presentation to the client and project team.

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