Gaffey Street Pool (Hey Rookie Pool)Geolocation: 33.7137, -118.2929

The Gaffey Street (“Hey Rookie”) Pool was built in 1943 on what was the former Fort MacArthur military base. The pool was built with funds from an Army road show called “Hey Rookie” and was the spot of synchronized swim shows featuring actor Sterling Holloway. It was later opened to the public in 1954, and was eventually added to the National Register of Historic Places. The once popular World War II era pool recently completed extensive renovations in order to re-open to the public. Terracon worked together with Paul Murdoch Architects and the City of Los Angeles to restore the historic context and reconstruct the pool to its original 1940’s design. The all-tile pool underwent a complete piping and circulation equipment renovation and the existing pool tile was removed and replaced with new ceramic tile to mimic the historical original tile.

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In addition to our core service lines of environmental, geotechnical, and materials, the Concord office is the “center of excellence” for providing aquatic design and swimming pool engineering services for public and privately funded projects throughout the United States. RI joined Terracon in December of 2014. RI has been a proven leader in aquatic design and engineering for more than 40 years, and has designed more than 600 commercial swimming facilities for numerous publicly funded and private entities. The combination of experience from these key acquisitions has…