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Terracon provided geotechnical and materials services during upgrades and improvements to Capital Circle NW and SW, from Orange Avenue to US90 in Tallahassee.  Improvements include widening Capital Circle from two lanes to six lanes for a distance of 2.76 miles.  New stormwater treatment facilities, bridge structures, and signal upgrades are included in the project.   During bridge construction, Terracon assisted with the re-design of new bridge foundations, which were revised from prestressed concrete to steel pipe piles, due to the variable subsurface conditions.  Terracon provided Dynamic Load Testing services, including recommending production pile lengths and driving criteria.  Due to the risk of pile damage associated with the variable subsurface conditions, Terracon performed additional Dynamic Testing for production piles to verify capacity and pile integrity.   Terracon performed the laboratory verification testing of construction materials utilized on the project, including soils, concrete, and asphalt testing in accordance with FDOT and Blueprint Policies and Procedures.

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