BNSF Railway Logistics Park Kansas City AreaGeolocation: 38.7822, -94.9663

The $250 million BNSF Logistics Park Kansas City (LPKC) Inter-modal Facility was designed to accommodate the growing demands of freight rail transportation in the Kansas City region. The Inter-modal facility encompasses 433 acres and will have an initial capacity of 500,000 truck containers and trailers per year, with the ability to expand to 1.5 million units. The LPKC facility has six 8,000-foot tracks for loading and unloading inter-modal trains and more than 1,800 parking spaces and will have 4,300 container stacking spots at full build-out. It is equipped with five wide-span, electric, rail-mounted gantry cranes, which BNSF says produce zero emissions on site.   The project scope of work included mass grading, paving, relocation of a creek into a conservation corridor, track construction, bridges, retaining walls, and utilities and includes the construction of multiple buildings including maintenance building, control and security facilities, and an administrative building.   Terracon performed third party special inspections on the buildings per international building code, section 1704, for the Johnson County Codes Department. These special inspections included placement and testing of fill, shallow footing inspections, reinforcing steel and concrete placement and testing of the reinforced concrete.   Materials inspections were performed for the following:

  • Placement of the fill for the mass grading
  • Field density testing for each lift of the soil and aggregate placed for the site
  • Field and laboratory testing of the concrete and asphalt pavement
  • Drilled shaft observation testing for the bridge pier foundations
  • Observation of placement of the reinforcing steel and concrete and testing of the foundation concrete and substructure of the bridges
  • Field density testing of the backfill of the various utility lines that service the facility
  • Observation of the retaining wall construction
  • Field density testing of the backfill of the retaining wall

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LenexaGeolocation: 38.9543, -94.746

For nearly 40 years Terracon's Lenexa office has provided environmental, facilities, geotechnical, and materials consulting engineering services throughout the Kansas City metro. Our employees are knowledgeable about local environmental policies, regulations and concerns, geologic conditions, and construction materials procedures and codes. We have a fully equipped, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) and United States Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) certified laboratory, supported by the largest field technician crew and equipment fleet in the…