Agricultural Chemical Cleanup ProgramGeolocation: 44.4607, -89.5441

 Terracon conducted a limited Phase 2 assessment as part of a pre-purchase site assessment.

Terracon conducted a limited Phase II subsurface assessment as part of a pre-purchase site assessment for an agricultural cooperative that handles both agricultural fertilizers and pesticides. Terracon utilized an onsite mobile laboratory to guide additional soil assessment at the site. Terracon's assessment resulted in the excavation of approximately 2,200 cubic yards of impacted soil, which was landspread on local farm fields. We coordinated excavation of impacted soil from beneath a dry fertilizer blending tower prior to construction of a new tower as well as the backfilling and compaction of backfill materials to specifications set by the new tower construction engineer. Terracon also demonstrated that normal applications of fertilizers in the region were contributing to elevated background concentrations of nitrate in groundwater.

Plover, WI