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IHI-Terracon Environmental, a Terracon Company (IHI-Terracon), has performed hazardous materials and other industrial hygiene consulting services on various projects for Jacobs, the construction manager,  in support of construction, demolition, and renovation projects in California. A large-scale asbestos/lead abatement project is summarized below.   IHI-Terracon conducted on-site work observations and asbestos/lead-based paint abatement monitoring during hazardous materials abatement activities performed at the historic Federal Building located at 50 United Nations Plaza in San Francisco, California.   Demolition and abatement activities were conducted on seven floors of the structure in preparation for a complete renovation of the building to be performed under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Rehabilitation of the San Francisco Federal Building was performed in full accordance with the National Historic Preservation Act, in addition to the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties.   Though asbestos abatement was a key part of this project, nearly every surface in the building was painted with lead-based paint. IHI-Terracon conducted on-site monitoring during the asbestos abatement and the demolition of building materials coated with lead-based paints. During this process, IHI-Terracon conducted visual inspections, daily air monitoring, work observations, and clearance wipe sampling. Lead-based paint removal work practices were monitored for compliance with the Cal-OSHA Lead in Construction Regulations. IHI-Terracon conducted clearance lead wipe sampling throughout the building to ensure cleanliness prior to re-occupancy.   Following the completion of abatement work, IHI-Terracon conducted visual inspections and clearance air monitoring for asbestos in each asbestos abatement work area. In addition, IHI-Terracon collected lead dust wipe clearance samples within each of the lead-related demolition work areas.   IHI-Terracon managed a number of challenges during the course of the project. For example, right before furniture was scheduled to be moved in, the building owner’s representative observed peeling paint on the back side of many historic radiators throughout the building. IHI-Terracon had brought this to the attention of Jacobs before repainting started, but a decision had been made to paint over the deteriorating paint. IHI-Terracon worked with the construction management team and the painting subcontractor to design a work plan for removing the deteriorating paint without spreading lead contamination throughout the finished building.

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Terracon's Oakland office offers a full range of environmental consulting services to safely manage chemical, physical, and biological hazards. Our industrial hygiene experts specialize in mold investigations and remediation monitoring; indoor air quality assessments; worker exposure monitoring for dust, noise, vapors, and metals; and a wide variety of other services. The office has one of the largest teams of industrial hygienists and certified asbestos and lead professionals in the San Francisco Bay…