RenoGeolocation: 39.4729, -119.767

Terracon's Reno office offers full-service geotechnical engineering, environmental consulting, construction inspection, and laboratory and field materials testing services. Our office includes a construction materials testing laboratory that is nationally accredited to perform soils, aggregates, Portland cement, and asphalt cement concrete testing. We also maintain a fully-equipped mobile laboratory facility to perform soils, aggregates, and asphalt cement concrete testing on remote or long-term large projects. Additionally, our construction materials program conducts non-destructive foundation testing using state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained and specialized staff who have worked on projects both in the state of Nevada as well as throughout the nation.

5301 Longley Lane, Suite 157
Reno, NV 89511

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Daniel De Battista, P.E., Office Manager
Gwen Fitzmier, Corporate Service Representative

Key Projects

Cabela’sGeolocation: 39.5137, -119.9693
Terracon provided environmental, geotechnical, construction materials testing and Special Inspections, and Engineer of Record services for the construction of a new Cabela's retail store. The new single-story structure was constructed with an area of approximately 150,000 square feet. Due to the presence of architectural water features (aquariums), a reduced settlement tolerance was required. Associated paved parking and driveway areas were constructed at the site to accommodate greater than 2,000 consumer vehicles per day with numerous heavily loaded tractor trailers for product delivery.…

Nevada Department of Transportation, Non-Destructive TestingGeolocation: 39.5284, -119.4572
Terracon has been providing non-destructive foundation testing on Nevada bridge infrastructure since 2003. During this time, we have provided testing for over 20 projects throughout the state. These projects include the Henderson Spaghetti Bowl Project, the U.S. 395 Widening project, and the I-580 Project. The I-580 project alone required foundation testing on multiple bridges, including the Galena Creek Bridge, the largest concrete cathedral arch bridge in the world. Our non-destructive testing program includes crosshole sonic logging (CSL), pulse echo testing (PIT), and crosshole…

RTC 4th Street Station Regional Bus Transit CenterGeolocation: 39.4749, -119.7801
Terracon provided environmental consulting, Special Inspections and materials testing for this 2.5 acre site during construction. The facility houses the RTC's new regional bus transit center. Quality assurance testing during construction has included laboratory and field testing of soils and aggregates, observation of mass grading and backfilling operations, and Portland cement concrete quality testing. Terracon also provided International Code Council (ICC) Special Inspections for welding, high strength bolting, concrete and steel reinforcement, masonry and steel reinforcement,…