FarmingtonGeolocation: 36.8059, -108.0826

The Terracon Farmington office was opened in 2002. Our experienced staff works in the Four Corners area, servicing portions of Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico. Our Geotechnical Services Department is well established, providing clients with over eighteen years of local experience in subsurface exploration and soil analyses which includes geotechnical and geological assessments, in-situ testing, test pits, drilling and a variety of soil sampling and laboratory testing. We also design and provide technical analyses and assistance in the construction of roadways, dams, foundations, pavements and retaining walls. The Construction Services Department includes consulting, laboratory testing, and project monitoring during construction and/or site development. Our staff conducts soils testing, which includes soil classification, density testing, sub-grade stabilization, and deep foundations. We also work extensively with masonry, aggregates, bituminous mixtures, and provide services including concrete masonry unit testing, gradation, absorption, abrasion and soundness analyses, mix designs, batch plant calibration, density determination, and asphalt observation and testing.

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Aaron Ezzell, P.E., P.G., Office Manager

Key Projects

Aztec Raw Water Storage ReservoirGeolocation: 36.8222, -107.9928

Terracon provided geological reconnaissance, geotechnical subsurface evaluation, construction materials testing, significant laboratory testing and a subsequent report with recommendations for geotechnically related design and construction of a below grade, 170 foot raw water storage reservoir and recreational facility.

Kinsilli/Black Mesa N8066 and N59 Road ProjectGeolocation: 34.2809, -113.8385
This is a Bureau of Indian Affairs project on the Navajo Nation. Terracon is providing contractor quality control and inspection during the construction of excavation, embankment, culvert installation and backfills, rip-rap installation, aggregate base course, hot asphalt concrete pavement, structural and minor concrete construction of the 9-mile road.

Miyamura High SchoolGeolocation: 35.5281, -108.7426
Terracon provided geotechnical subsurface evaluation and subsequent report with recommendations for geotechnically related design and construction. The project included demolition of 111,000 square feet of existing buildings to be replaced by a new one- and two-story, 189,000 square-foot educational building. Structural renovations of the existing gymnasium and cafeteria buildings are also part of this project.