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H.C. Nutting Company joined Terracon in 2007 after operating in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and West Virginia since 1921. Terracon is a dynamic and growing consulting firm providing multiple related service lines to clients at local, regional, and national levels. Our services are delivered on a timely basis with consistently high value and attention to client needs. Services provided by the Cincinnati office of Terracon include construction materials testing & monitoring, geotechnical site assessment and landfill site monitoring. Terracon's Cincinnati office is available for a wide variety of environmental and geotechnical consulting services.

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Jason Sander, P.E., Office Manager
George Webb, P.E., Client Development

Key Projects

 Terracon performed a geotechnical study on the expansion of the Argosy Casino.
Argosy Casino ExpansionGeolocation: 39.0909, -84.85
HCN, a Terracon Company, was selected to complete the geotechnical study for the proposed boat slip construction on the Ohio River, as part of the proposed Argosy Casino Expansion project. The geotechnical study for the expansion project was divided into landside construction and riverside construction. The scope of our geotechnical study included site reconnaissance, test boring layout and survey, drilling 11 SPT and CPT test borings, laboratory examination and testing of representative samples, engineering analyses, development of geotechnical recommendations, and preparation of a detailed…

 Terracon has provided geotechnical and environmental engineering consulting services to the Beech Hollow Landfill.
Beech Hollow LandfillGeolocation: 39.1234, -82.5329
Beech Hollow Landfill is an active municipal solid waste landfill located in the southeastern part of Ohio. HCN, a Terracon Company, has provided engineering consulting services at the Beech Hollow Landfill since 1995 in support of the landfill operations. The Beech Hollow Landfill site setting is unique in that it is located in an area of former and active strip mining of natural resources (coal, sand, and gravel). Development of the landfill required examination of excavated subbase conditions for sound, firm foundation soils. This typically requires over-excavation of soils to achieve…

Geotechnical Instrumentation Portsmouth BypassGeolocation: 0, 0
Located in South Central Ohio, the Southern Ohio Veterans Memorial Highway – SR823 is the largest project to date for the State of Ohio. Costing $634 million, the four-lane, 16-mile bypass will take drivers around the City of Portsmouth, Ohio avoiding many stop lights and intersections.  Terracon has been on site since 2015 providing geotechnical instrumentation services to monitor the embankments and bridge abutments. Terracon’s role in the geotechnical instrumentation was installation, maintenance, and monitoring of the piezometers and settlement sensors located at eight areas…

National Underground Railroad Freedom CenterGeolocation: 39.1031, -84.512
HCN, a Terracon Company, provided construction materials engineering and testing and monitoring services for the Freedom Center, Megen/Dugan & Meyers, and Blackburn Architects. The museum and learning center consists of three connecting buildings: Courage, Cooperation, and Perseverance. The center pavilion is six stories and both side buildings are four-story buildings. All buildings were constructed of reinforced concrete with structural steel penthouse with natural stone cladding and metal panel exteriors. A summary listing of services provided for the Freedom Center included concrete…