Working and Living Safely

Safety and Health
An Incident and Injury-Free® (IIF® Workplace at Terracon

For many years, Terracon has been concerned with workplace safety and worked very hard to put in place effective Safety policies and procedures. In 2006, safety was formally adopted as a core value of the firm. Although we have made strides in increasing the importance of safety in our operations, in 2010 we decided we needed to do more.

While there is certainly a business case for improving safety, such as gaining our client’s confidence that we will follow strict safety practices while on their projects, as well as an improved Experience Modification Ratio (EMR), at its core, safety is a people issue. We are not satisfied with incremental improvement in workplace safety and will do whatever it takes to achieve and sustain outstanding performance. Terracon has been on a journey to fundamentally alter how we think about safety and how it is woven into the culture of our firm. This initiative will help us create a truly Incident and Injury-Free® (IIF® ) culture at Terracon.