At Terracon, safety is a core value. Working safely is an uncompromising commitment at all levels of the company to ensure everyone goes home safe to their family each and every day.

“Terracon employees take the mission of safety personally and incorporate it into everything they do,” said Jim Wright, Terracon director of safety and health. “Our data shows that Terracon team members are proactively seeking out opportunities to identify and correct safety concerns, with successful results.”

Terracon’s Core Safety Rules and Practices are a set of 13 specific activities, common to all employees, with a focus on avoiding accidents and preventing injuries. The updates reflect Terracon as a growing company that continues to evaluate and evolve in light of new research, technological advances in the industry, and internal safety metrics. Employee leaders from across the company created and maintain the Rules and Practices. This commitment to care and concern has reduced employee injuries by more than two-thirds.

Terracon is committed to an Incident and Injury-Free (IIF) workplace. For more information on Terracon’s IIF Workplace, please click here.